Our stone consists of 93% quartz and 7% polymer resins and are available in 20mm and 30mm thickness slabs.

At our factory, we have a rigorous quality control procedure in place which ensures that every slab is thoroughly inspected before it is despatched. We also invite clients to view the materials if they wish.

Test Items

Test Methods

Test Results

Apparant density EN 14617-1: 2005 2350kg/m3
Water absorption EN 14617-1: 2005 0.03% – Classification: W4
Flexural strength EN 14617-2: 2008 40.2MPa – Classification: F4
Slip resistance EN 14231-1: 2003 SRV “dry”: 47 – SRV “wet”: 12
Abrasion resistance EN 14617-4: 2005 23.4mm – Classification: A4
Freeze and thaw resistance EN 14617-5: 2005 Flexural strength loss: -3.5%
Thermal shock resistance EN 14617-6: 2005 Mass loss: 0.03%
Impact resistance EN 14617-9: 2005 Flexural strength loss: -3.7%
Chemical resistance EN 14617-10: 2005 9.06J (thickness: 30.1mm)
Linear thermal expansion coefficient EN 14617-11: 2005 Classification: C4
Dimensional stability EN 14617-12: 2005 16.28 10-6/°C – Classification: A
Mohs hardness EN 101: 19915 5.5

We manufacture Granite & Quartz in India. We have quality control inspectors working at factories to make sure every slab is rigidly quality checked before it leaves there to come to our depot.